Will the gold-plated pieces peel?
Gold plating is a surface finish, so it will change over time depending on the use and care we give it. It will not peel but it will gradually lose its tone. In all our orders we add a care card to ensure the brightness of the piece over time.


Will they give me allergies?
Most of our jewelry is made in 950 and 925 sterling silver. Allergies are very personal, normally precious metals do not generate allergies, however, there are people who can present this condition even to gold.

If I lost a pair of earrings, can you sell them to me?
Yes, as long as we have availability of the input or reference in stock, the production would be made as a custom order.


Is it possible to maintain my pieces?
Yes, of course! We want you to be able to wear your jewelry all the time and maintain it looking new. This service is provided at an additional cost, please send an email to [email protected]


Do you make custom rings, earrings, or necklaces?
Yes, you can contact us by WhatsApp at +573007845023 we will advise you and then send you an email with a formal quote.