$31.56 USD

Do you want to keep your tops, rings and necklaces organized?

It's possible to have your jewelry organized and tangle-free or maybe to have them stored in a small box tangled and scattered in your closet or in a bag when you go on a trip 🚀 but that's because there are almost no jewelry boxes that help us to keep them tidy.

With this jewelry box you'll have your rings 💍 and earrings tidy and chains⛓ tangle-free.

All you need is some space in your suitcase🧳 or closet!

- Inside is lined in suede and will help protect your jewelry.

- The outer surface is made of suede.

- Size of the jewelry box:17.5 x 8.5 x 5 cm. 

- Metal zipper.

- Contains 4 hooks to store necklaces with a small pocket.

- It also has a compartment that you can divide into two or four smaller compartments to store your earrings, larger watches.

- 4 slots to store your rings or moles.


Each of our pieces is handmade, which is why it takes between 10 to 14 days.


To keep your Retro jewelry as the first day, it is essential to follow our care card that will arrive with your order.